Rouses Weekly Ad February 21 to February 28, 2018

Rouses Weekly Ad February 21 to February 28, 2018 – We were at a hotel nearby and needed some things so we came here, we have a few things to realize that they have a large number of rabbits and because my family has never had before, I had to get one decent size for us and also use it as a birthday cake of my husband. We did not get the usual taste of the king's cake, but we went with strawberries which were good and my kids loved the taste. They loved the kids on the cake and left them as a souvenir. Checkout was really sweet talking and talking with your children when you invited us. Love comfort and friendly service!

A great grocery store that has lots of cooked food as well as food. They have a small seating area so if you buy items, you can have them stay. This is especially refreshing if you need a break to sit in the AC while walking. They tend to have a rooftop terrace that sounds beautiful, but we did not go because we did not have time. There is lots of shopping to buy here as well as much needed junk food. Prices here correspond to the big city; These are the prices that tourists are forced to pay. But more importantly, TON has beer and wine. If you want to return something back to the hotel, you can pick it up.

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